Saturday, 19 May 2012

Red Corsair Squad leader

Evening readers,

Time for an update, work has started on the squad of Red Corsairs. First in line was the leader of the squad:

Bit of rough fluff for him:

He is a Fallen Black templar disillusioned with the imperium, with him being an accomplished swordsman he soon fought his way to a position of command within the corsairs.

For the models themselves I don't want on overly chaos feel to them as in little of the traditional banding and spikes. I think this will help to distinguish them from my Word Bearers,plus they will also have newer marks of armour and their weapons will be largely be unchanged from imperial ones bar defaced aquillas.

The Templar cross and wings on his breast plate have been attacked with a knife and will be painted as if he has ritually shattered it, much like how Talos shatters his aquilla in the night lords novels.

I've also kept the theme of beads and trinkets on thread like I did on the Corsair I made ages ago

Well thats it for now, I've started converting the 2nd member of the squad and shall liekly have him posted up in a few days time


  1. Fancy!

    Lovely stuff, the MKVIII(?) gorget and all the trinkets adorning him are delightful. Have you considered any impaled hands or similar?*

    *Great, now I've given myself an idea! :)

  2. Nice green stuff as always. Glad to see your still kicking around.

  3. Cheers guys glad you like him :)

    @Mr Feral: I might scatter on a few severed heads and skulls but no too many

  4. these true scale dudes you're doing are great, they don't look overly chunky like some of the terminator ones can be, but still look larger and more imposing then the stock models, as they should.

    Look forward to more, and some paint ;)

  5. Like Sheep said, the proportions look good, imposing without being silly. What'll you be doing for the backpack? And get painting!