Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Plans for the blog

Its often been pointed out to me by the likes of Rictus and Mr Feral that I neglect my little corner of the interwebs.

This is true, last year I started off strong and tailed off a lot towards the end of the year and into this year. However with me now settled into work and a decet routine Hobby time is becoming more viable.........well that and I have some ideas for stuff to make after a long drought.

So what better way to get back into updating this blog more regularily than a Blog exclusive project :D

That Plan being a squad of heavily converted Red Corsairs whose parts are in the clutches of the royal mail heading my way even as I type.

Rictus has challenged me to do 1000pts to fight his carcharodons in zone mortallis. However as regular readers know this is highly unlikely to ever happen given my easily distracted nature :(

More details of the plans for the squad will follow, for now the early plan is to have the squad leader as a fallen templar..........

But to make this post more colourful here is a picture of a Inq28mm model I have been working on the past week, its a female inquisitor/interegator:

Its based around the plastic Dark elf sorceress that I have had lying around since January...............yes its taken me that long to think of a use for it :(

Thats it for now, shall have an update in a day or so when the parts arrive..........now back to resident evil revelations :P

1 comment:

  1. Damn right you don't update enough!

    I look forward to the Red Corsairs, and the interrogator looks delightful as can be.