Monday, 14 March 2011

Whats on the Desk

Afternoon readers, been a while since my last update but that mainly down to me getting a virus and being out of action for 2 weeks, still got a weakened version of the cough :(

Anyway I thought I would put up a small post with a few pics of my current projects, first up are some Necron Warriors :


these guys have had their legs cut so as the can be straightened up and also it helps to get rid of the bow legged stance they come in, the big inspiration behind these was seeing and handling some straightened Necrons that Dean over on AmmoBunker made for the Games Day table last year, heres a ling to his Tutorial for those interested: HERE

They will be a slow burn project and I plan to paint the green rods in a similar effect to the agoniser I did for the squad of Dark Eldar I painted a while back.

Next up is a very very Wip Skitarii, back in 2008 I made an Ad Mech warband for the Ammo bunkers GD game "Escape from Eidos" recently I found out the original models and was pretty shocked by how basic the conversions where, so I'm planning on remaking the warband as another little project. Might even have a crack at doing a Praetorian combat servitor :)



here is the original warband on some of the Wonderful terrain made by Rictus circa 2008:

Finally here is a PiP update on the black orc big boss I've been working on:



tried to get a leathery skin effect, overall quite happy with him so far, only needs a few finishing touches and he is done :)

Also welcome to some new followers MikeD and Pikapedra cheers for the support guys :D

well thats it for now might try get a Necron base coated later on.


  1. The Skitarii look awesome so far. I just started reading Titanicus so I'm all into Admech fluff right now.

    Cutting the Necrons legs is so effective for better posing. I plan to do the same thing when I build my Cron Army with the new DEX.

  2. Great stuff all-round!

    What kind of basing style are you going with for the Necrons?

  3. Cheers guys :)

    @LuckyNo.5 : looking forward to seeing you tackle Necrons :) , only problem with cutting the legs is how fiddly they are when your trying to glue them back together :(

    @Mr Feral: Cheers sir, as for basing I'm going winter as you will see in the most recent update :D