Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Some more Imperial Guard

Evening Readers

Its time for another update this time of models instead of random drawings :P. I managed to finish 5 IG yesterday which finishes off the 2nd squad:


And the whole squad together:


I have also recently finished a conversion of an Imperial Priest to accompany a platoon command squad:


He is based around a Empire Flagellent with Cadian arms and some GS work :)

Also after seeing some of the Eavy metal examples of Orcs in the latest WD I fancied a crack at painting a few, so after a bit of a dig in the garage I came across a tin which contains all the orc models from one of the older Warhammer starter sets :


Think I will strip these guys and have them as a little project, I already dug out my model of Borgut FaceBeater who will just be a generic black orc big boss or something :)


  1. Very cool. Love the troopers, and good greenstuff work on the priest!

    But does he have six fingers plus thumb on his right hand?

  2. Cheers dude :)

    Nah its not 6 fingers its the grip for the shotgun think I need to sort that bit out, a few people have asked that question :(