Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pre-emptive dungeon crawling

Afternoon guys and girls,

Something resembling normality is beginning to settle now in the real world so I've had some time to do a little hobbying.

Given my focus on painting and terrain of late(some stuff will appear in a future update) I have decided to do a little sculpting as a change of pace. It is also a change of setting with me moving to fantasy from my normal sci fi main stay.

Recently after some nagging from Nife I pledged for Mantics latest; kickstarter Dungeon Saga. It is the sort of little self contained fantasy game I have been after for a while as I've long had the itch to make a few fantasy things but without being tied directly to GWs universe.

Now its still over a year until I will actually have the game however mantic are putting the rules for using some of their Kings of War models in the game. After having a look through their undead list I hit upon the idea of Making a Revenant king and his entourage of Revenants, a female Necromance/sorceress, Wraith and eventually a Vampire and Liche.

So off I trotted to Mantics website and ordered a load of 25mm bases(same size and dungeon saga will be) a box of skeleton warriors and a few other bits(including an Asterian Deadzone faction more on them soon)

I also ordered a pack of warmachine models to use for conversion fodder.

So Enough Rambling, here is the heavily WiP Female Necromancer/Sorceress

She is based on a Cryx Witch Coven model from Warmachine. It scales in nicely with the mantic stuff and I rather liked the pose and armour. I have removed the original head and had a crack at sculpting my own for it. So far I'm pretty pleased with her

Next up is the Revenant king:

This guy is converted from stock Mantic Skeletons with GS and plasticard bits. I still need to sort out his arms but plan to have him with a 2 handed sword.

These have beena nice change to work on, I plan to have a selection of expanded enemies made in time for the release of Dungeaon saga next year so these will be rather sporadic updates over the next 12 months.

Thats it for now guys, I'll be back with a possible update mid week


  1. You shouldn't let him bully you into taking part in his Kickstarter addiction.

    Is it worth casting up some dungeon bases like the Quest ones we did?

  2. Surprise surprise - another week, another Kickstarter, another project! :p

    Seriously, the GS work is as good as ever - the start of the cobblestone bases are working well. They remind me of the flat rounded-corned ones from Heroquest.

    I've been using milliput for stone paving bases recently, and that's worked out well - mixed in the right quantities it dries solid but can still be chipped at and given texture easily. :)

  3. That is some sweet sculpting work - good stuff, man!

  4. That skeleton looks boss mate, you continue to impress. That necromancer is pretty sweet too, I'm always impressed when someone sculpts a face. :)

    I've been working on some Mordheim stuff lately, and I've had some decent results with using texture plasticard for bases - I've found some that has a cobblestone-like surface, and simply slap it on a base. Figured I'd put the idea out there for inspiration, even if the bases end up looking a fair bit less involved than the ones you've got here. (Saving grace is, of course, that they take about a minute to do a piece).

    Oh, and don't get too caught up in fantasy - some of us want to see knights in powerarmour. ;)