Saturday, 11 February 2012

Zombie and FoW SS HQ

Afternoon readers, time for another update and fairly quickly after the last one too, shocking ;)

Managed to get my first Studio Miniatures zombie painted up over the past few days, really enjoyed it such a change from same old GW models and I've been able to add some character to the base too :)

Onto pics:

The base itself is resin which was sent to me by Mr Feral when he sent the zombies, decided to add some inner city touches to it so what better way than a tatty page from a news paper and the wrapper from som Mcdonalds chips :P

I'm pretty pleased with the Skin tone which I was happy with first attempt. Got another 2 base coated so they will pop up on here in the coming days :)

Next up are the 2 HQ command stands for my SS panzergrenadiers, which I have been working on alongside the zombie:

had a crack at peadot camo on the odd guy which I am rather happy with, no where near as hard to do as I thought it was going to be :)

To finish off the HQ i still need to paint 2 panzershreck squads and some transports  , I'll be working on these alongside the next batch of zombies

Whilst I'm here I thought I would mention the blog of a friend of mine from the AmmoBunker, I've finally managed to twist The_Great_Gonzos arm into setting up a blog to show off his work, here is a link:

His blog will be following his exploits in FoW, hes working on a range of different forces, from German Fallschirmjäger to a Soviet Sapper battalion. Well worth a look for those of you interested in historics :)

I'll have another update in a few days with some more zombies and more FoW, as ever let me know what you think guys :)


  1. Love the zombie female!

    Where you been lately, not spoken to you for ages!

  2. Zombie looks great and I love the paper tearing on the base top stuff

  3. MMMM Maccy D's! IF I could drive there tonight I'd OD on deep fried potato straws and BEEF!

  4. Great Zombie, the skintones and the scenic base looks great.

    Now paint the other sixteen blighters! :)

  5. Some great work as per usual, boss.

  6. Cheers guys glad you like em :)

    @SC: Been keeping away from you ;):P nah I aint about on MSN as much anymore

    @Feral: silence hippy, more shall be painted bu tim goign to do them slowly to enjoy them more instead of blasting through them :)