Tuesday, 10 May 2011

WiP Red Corsair Reaver Captain

Afternoon readers, its again time for one of my irregular updates :P

Interest in modelling is still very low, between sketching, Dragon age 2 and going out I have little time for it and not really the interest. However all is not lost, I was checking for an update in Dan the Daemons log and found this guy.
As normal his models have had the effect of inspiring me so I set about building a random chaos marine out of various left over bits I had about.

Settled on doing a Red Corsair reaver captain, as its a change from Word Bearers and gives me a chance to play around with some pirate themes. So here he is so far still very WIP:

Gave him a flint lock looking pistol from the kroot sprue, works well with the pirate theme and to justify it I can say its an older pattern breach loaded pistol that fires man stopper rounds or something like that. I still need to make him a cutlass shaped power sword and add some extra details as well as generally tidying him up.

The string of beads/gems/eldar symbol on neck and hanging with the loin cloth as well as the medallion on a chain on his waist were the result as Mr Feral insisting the I should have some on a pirate themed model. The string on the loin cloth will get some GS beads added to it.

The helmet is from the chaos warrior sprue and still need some 40k touches adding to it.

I think they work quite well and show the sort of trinkets he has acquired plus they are a nice change to severed heads and skulls :)

In other hobby news I will no longer be getting any heavy gear models after seeing the price of them on wayland games, way to expensive for me :(

Also welcome to new followers Karitas and Colonel Shofer, thanks for the support guys

Might have another update in a few days time, so as ever let me know what you think :)


  1. I approve, all the bits and bobs look great together! :)

  2. I really like him so far. I especially like all the trinkets and the kroot pirate pistol.

  3. cheers guys glad you like him :)he is nearly finished should have pictures tomorrow

  4. Cheers guys glad you like him :)

    tis odd I replied to you both a few days ago but it seems to have deleted itself :S