Monday, 16 May 2011

Plotting Red Corsairs

Evening readers its quick update time.

Finally decided that I shall try and make a small Red Corsairs force. But instead of using the chaos marines codex I figured I would go for something a little special to make them different from my Word Bearers. So I have decided to use the Tyrants Legion list from the 1st FW Badab book.

I figured it would make a great corsair list because of the standard human units you can take, the Renegade Marauders unit in particular has captured my imagination. So to start with I am thinking of making this list:


Legion Centurion(aka Reaver Captain)


Renegade Marauders(mix of human and xenos pirates, likely kroot and the odd ork)


Legion cohort(Red Corsair squad)

Legion Auxilia(standard human pirates and mutants)

Think this will be a decent start, I rarely play so it doesn't bother me whether it is effective or not. It does however give a wealth of modelling and conversion options which is what has attracted me to it.

I shall start off by making the corsair squad first whilst I think up some ideas for the human pirates. So today I have started the first 2 marines for the squad as well as doing the last bits of GS work on the captain:

the torsos have had the plasticard spacers added to true-scale/up-scale them as well as the GS work started, the legs have been cut up ready for their spacers. I'm thinking of following the style of the captain with their armour, so very few Chaos specific touches but plenty of random trinkets dangling from their armour to keep with that piratey vibe.

they will largely be based on Imperial space marines, again to further deffirentiate them from my Word Bearers withtheir older style armour.

It shall be a long but hopefully rewarding project. And feel free to post up any ideas or suggestions too :)

In other news I have taken the plunge and joined the From The Warp bloggers group at last, been meaning to for a while but they weren't accepting new members. Looking forward to getting involved with the community.

Welcome also to new follower Blitzspear thanks for the support dude :)

Should have an update in a  few days with progress on these first 2 corsairs, as ever any suggestions are more than welcome


  1. Aye, a great idea and I hope you actually see it through!

    I quite like the Tyrant's Legion, its quite suitable for a proxy Renegade list. Shame about the lack of Chaos Marines being able to lead mortal units. That would be sweeeeeeeeeet. :)

  2. The legion centurion can lead human units I think.

    Don't worry I shall try stick to this project, got a lot more potential than most my recent ones :)

  3. Certainly sounds like an interesting project :) I much prefer to see the mix of Marines and unmodified humans in a Renegade force. Adds a bit more to the army, a good bit different from what you'd expect in a normal Marine army. The Corsair looks really decent!

  4. cheers sir :) Yeah I agree I think normal humans and mutants mixed in with a chaos force give it a lot more character.

  5. Looking good. You had a go at knocking up the shoulder pad masters yet?

  6. cheers sir :) nah haven't got round to them yet, still hunting through bits boxes for extra pads have fewer knocking around than I thought I did

  7. Well don't forget I have some knocking around if you need some.

  8. Just found your blog through FTW, I'm loving the Chaplain and I really look forward to seeing this force.

  9. Cheers dude, glad you like him though hes not a chaplain :P

    I warn you progress will be slow I tend to get distracted quite easily haha :)