Sunday, 31 May 2015

Infinity Hsien WiP

Afternoon guys and girls,

Its update time again, and as normal for me I've got distracted from painting the celestial guard and Knight of Santiago. Instead I've been working on a Hsien:

I started this guy to see how the colour scheme would work on a heavy Infantry model. So far I think it works rather well.

I've also tried one of the techniques from the Giraldez painting book. This being the one for creating a leather effect:

Again I'm reasonably happy with the effect, though might still need a little more work.

I've also stripped all the other Yu Jing models I had painted a few years back:

Hope to get these guys painted up over the coming weeks :)

1 comment:

  1. That leather is looking GOOD mate! If you wanted to tweak it, maybe a reddish or yellowish tinge would create a bit of contrast to the blue armour? :)

    The eyes and the front-light-thing on the helmet is looking sharp as well, yellow was a good choice there.