Sunday, 19 April 2015

Deadzone Terrain WiPs

Afternoon guys and girls,

As threatened earlier in the week todays update will be terrain focused. Over the past few weeks ive been gradually building up a few bits and pieces for deadzone, most of it is smaller scatter terrain however I have one ruined building to show:

I have filled the gaps between panels in with some milliput to help make it look like a solid building instead of something constructed of pieces. I still need to do the same on the inside walls and add some interior detail. Theme for this place will be a casino.

I have a larger intact building im working on at the moment too however not enough profress has been made for it to be picture worthy.

Onto the more scattery bits:

These rubble piles are based around the plastic ones form the battlezones ruins sprues, I've mounted them on bases and added more rubble. Given they will be used in deadzone I've made sure that they arent bigger than the grids on the mat.

The final piece is a small ruin meant to represent internal walls of a larger collapsed building.

I have had fun making these as I'm not normally very terrainy, I guess the challenge will be painting them up haha.

Anyway thats it for now, I'll be back next week with some martian bits


  1. Fantastic, the fact they are based makes them so much the better :D

    1. Cheers sir, I figured basing them would help draw you in a little more instead of having them as just blocks you put down on the mat. I intend to use the terrain for Infinity and other skirmish games too so basing them makes sense for that too.

  2. I like that those Draedzone ruins look totally different to the usual 40K-inspired gothic cathedral-ruin-stuff. More "classical" Sci-Fi style. (Just to be clear, I like both styles)

    I guess I'll have to check out a couple sprues and see what you can do with it. Your terrain pieces sure look promising.

    1. Cheers dude, they are nice kits covers most your sci fi games too as they are suitably generic. I like some of the GW stuff I just find the skulls covering everything gets a little silly.

      They are worth checking out. the thing I would say is to fill the gaps between the tiles like I've tried, helps make them look more like permanent structures. I need to try some other shapes on them like curves instead of it being all cubes.

  3. Looking good mate, filling in some of the detail in the walls looks great. As you say, it makes it look a lot more like a solid building.