Sunday, 4 January 2015

Deadzone WiPs

Well its the first post of the new year, things are beginning to settle back down to normality now as the mad rush at work is gone. And I have time to actually spend on hobby stuff again.

I have a few Deadzone bits to show today, most notably my first finished Asterian model, as well a WiP Plague conversion.

First off here is the finished Asterian:

Rather pleased with him if I'm honest.Its a rather basic paint job but I intend to have a few passes over these guys adding a bit more detail each time (a technique which Nife uses and I shamelessly stole.)

For his gun I have tried to copy the style of the forerunner weapons from Halo 4 with the whole internal glow type thing.

I have another asterian nearing completion with a few more in various stages on the work bench:

Next up is little converting project, Its been a few months since I touched my sculpting stuff so figured I'd start to get back into the swing of things with a plague model.

I went in for Mantics Sci-fi mystery box at Christmas which contained a whole variety of bits including 2 plague stage 3s. Decided to give him some armour to represent a turned corporation trooper, using one of the torsos from the plague zombie sprues as reference. still a way to go on him:

Oddly enough I managed to snag a full Plague starter box on ebay for £10 so there will be more of them on the horizon. much like my enforcers I will be adding a bit more detail to each trooper.

My asterians are the only exception to this as i love the stock sculpts and can't really see anyway of adding anything to them especially given they are supposed to be robot remote controlled from afar.

Well thats it for now guys, I'm going to try get back into the swing of doing an update each Sunday so wish me luck haha


  1. That's a pretty turquoise!

    How are you doing the bases?

  2. Why thank you sir.

    The bases are plasticard and sand + cork. Painting wise its a base coat of Vallejo Stonewall grey with GW nuln oil and agrax earth shade washes, a dash of watered down Vallejo german medium brown. Its then just finished off with a light dry brush of white