Sunday, 19 October 2014

Couple of WiPs

Well its that time of week again.

I haven't been up to too much hobby wise this week. been trying to finish off a few paint in progress infinity models which hopefully should feature on here next week.

I have a couple of WiPs to show though, first up is Hasslefrees tribute to Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. A good friend of mine bought me this model for christmas a couple of years back, I have until now been afraid to tackle painting her.

Here is how she stands so far:

Got the colours fairly close to the Anime

Pictures haven't come out the best in all honesty, she does look a lot better in person.

I need to get hasslefress tribute to Batou now to paint up along side her. Might also get their squad of power armoured guys too. Idea is to have them as a swat team and when combined with kusanagi and batou will make some NPC/objective types for use in Infinity/Deadzone

Next up is a WiP Ethereal. As mentioned in last weeks post I'm struggling to motivate myself to do much on the Tau they just really arent inspiring me:

Added a little drone to his base to add a little extra character.

The final  hobby development for the week was this:

Thats right my copy of operation Icestorm finally arrived. Now the quality of the models in it are mind blowing. I shall be getting them built over the course of the week. I do however need to show some restraint in painting them and finish off some of the stuff I have already started.

That and I need to think up a colour scheme for the Nomads haha

Well thats it for this week, a small update but at least I'm still plodding along :P


  1. I didn't realise HF did a Kusanagi homage fig!? I like your paint job, very good likeness to the anime series.

  2. Cheers sir :)

    Yeah they do the Kusanagi Homage I think 3 different versions plus they do a Batou homage too:

    Shall be getting him soon :D

  3. Thought I'd show you my Doom: