Sunday, 23 June 2013

Normal service resumes

Evening guys and girls,

Been a quiet few weeks in here, but I have a valid reason and that is doctors orders.........I've been down with a bad infection in my hand, I blame having to take in the deliveries at work meaning I get to grub around in the dusty basement. So 1 week of antibiotics later as well as the doctor telling me not to get any irritants on my hand and I'm back.

My hand still isn't fully healed so I'm taking things slowly, so today I've done a little work on the inquisitor:

I've been starting to add detail to his one shoulder pad, the nicely 40k word repent has been added and I'm in the process of building up the armour around it.

I have another inq28 project coming up soon too but more on that in later updates..............

Well thats it for now guys, hopefully another update in a day or 2 as I have started repainting some old tau stuff again.


  1. Good to see you're back to business, your inquisitor is looking better and better. Good work considering your hand is gubbed!

  2. You can sculpt better with half a hand than most people can with 2!

    He looks brilliant mate, the sculpting is very smooth. Hes looking a bit like a dark angel atm with the angel on his chest, the hood, and repent.Not that thats a bad thing, just an observation :)

  3. 'Normal service'...hah.

    He looks very good...I look forward to seeing him 'in the flesh' tomorrow.


    Ahem.....nice embossed text on the shoulder. One can actually read what it's supposed to say. :p