Monday, 15 April 2013

Weekly Ramblings 1#

Evening readers time for what I hope will be a regular feature.

That being a weekly post something I have stolen off that despicable Mr Feral. So to start it off this week here are some WiP corsair terminators:

These guys are converted from the plastic dark vengeance ones, originally they were meant to be finished in time for my meet up with Rictus and Nife however work prevented that from happening :( With our next meet up happening in 6 months time it gives em time to really go to town on them a bit more.

They are similar in theme to my power armoured marines although these guys will be getting more chaosy details and effects given they are effectively drawn from Hurons inner circle. The instant mold I have has proven invaluable again letting me make the chaos star talisman on the one guy.

Next up is the very early bare bones stage of my terminator lord. Given the rather poor performance of the power armoured one in games I figured i needed soemthing with a little more hitting power. Step in terminator armour:

His pose is inspired by my original corsair model from a few years back:

Will be taking my time over this model given he will be my centre piece leader, you will see him take shape over the coming weeks.

Next up is my rough list for the possible 500pt Zone Mortallis Necron Force:


Overlord - War Scythe, Sempiternal weave


10 Immortals

10 Immortals - Tesla Carbines

Fast Attack

3 Canoptek Wraiths

Not sure how effective this would be but its nice and compact.

Anyway thats it for now, shall return with another ramble in a weeks time


  1. Thief! THIEF!

    Those the monopose Deathwing? Crikey, that must of been a lot of work getting rid of all the DA insignia.

    Raptor sword on the Terminator Lord right? That kit is full of sexy weapons.

    1. You have no proof, infact you copied my idea :O

      yup monopose deathwing I'm never one for making things easy am I haha, not to much work tbh just a bit of cutting and filing.

      It is indead the raptors power sword figured it would make a nice cutlass :D

  2. I'd cry heresy for defacing the sons of the lion - if your conversions weren't so good. Nice stuff!

    1. Haha cheers dude, the models do have some mice touches such as the sudded power fists that I wanted to use so made sense to deface them a little :P

  3. Ace work as usual mate, it's great to see you updating again. :)
    Where's the sword on the termie lord from, btw?

    Hopefully I can get skype up and running again soon-ish so I can bother you again over that.

  4. Oh, so you are still doing stuff. When you didn't reply to the Hitler meme I sent you I'd feared the worst. . .

  5. So much brilliance here! The studded powerfist suits him so much, brilliant! Lovely additions that really add a lot to the figures.