Saturday, 15 December 2012

Red Corsair Sorcerer and the Great Heresy looms

Good evening readers,

Update time, been kept usy with work and christmas preparations of late which have served as a good break from hobbying for a while. However now Im back, and I bring 2 things in the update:

First up Corsair sorcerer now with paint:

I need to sort out the flames some more but they shall do for now as I dont want to over do the painting of the corsairs as I still have a fair few to do and dont really want to burn out :)

Next up we have thes WiP of a test model for my heresy era Imperial Fists:

I got quite a bargain off Ebay of 3 Mk IV and 8 Mk V marines all with phobes bolters and without a single trace of paint on them:

combine these with the legion MkIV squad I picked up at telford model shop as well as my section of the FW order Rictus recently placed and I think I'm pretty much sorted for infantry for a significant time haha.

Theres no truescaling going on with this guys as I dont really want to hack up resing incase i make soem major mistake and well these are planned around future games against Rictus and Nife neither of which will be doing anything truescale.

This guy is my first time painting something in pretty much pure yellow a colour I normally avoid like hellfire  however with me wanting to do a seige of terra themed mini force fists were the ones that appealed to me most as well Im not doign blood angels as that is just more red and White scars are a no as I hate painting white more than I hate painting yellow :P

Well thats it for now guys, with christmas getting closer updates will be sporadic though I shall attempt to get one mor ein before christmas day :)


  1. I enjoy painting yellow!

    My little tip is mix yellow ink into yellow paint to thin it down. :)

    How have you done yours? Looks tops.

    1. Cheers Steve :)

      * The yellow is a Averland sunset basecoat straight onto the resin, few watered down layers to get a solid colour
      * Was the model with watered down scorched brown
      * Multiple watered down layers of yriel yellow leaving the previous layer as shadow
      * 60/40 mix of yriel yellow and white as edge highlight

      Then attack him with the weathering. quite time consuming because of all the layers of yellow :(

  2. Nice Sorcerer, great use of various Dark Vengeance models! :)

  3. Nice work so far.. as for the flames, I think if you add a bit more white to the section close to the blade it would really pop and stand out on the model. Nice work on the yellow as well.

    1. Cheers dude, I think I will go with that suggestion :) I always seem to struggle with painting flames can never get them quite right :(

  4. I know I've commented already Si, but I thought you should read this;

  5. Very nice work on thee sorcerer sir! Love how beatup the Imperial Fist is, looks like he has been through alot, you better do more of these!


  6. Thanks for all the replies guys :)