Saturday, 1 October 2011

Malifaux: Ice Golem

Afternoon readers, tis update time

Despite  being struck down with what I have dubbed "Nerd Flu" which I think I picked up from Gamesday (seen as out of the 4 guys I was with on the day 3 of them have also been ill :( ) I have been painting and have managed to get my first ever Malifaux model pretty much finished.

Onto the pictures of the Ice Golem:

To start with I wasn't to happy with him but he has grown on me. Decided to gloss varnish him in part to reinforce the ice aspect of him and also to protect him as I've never seen paint chip off any metal models I've had as easily as it was coming off this guy :(

 need to do a few touch ups and some washes in a few selece areas but he will look pretty much the same as he does now after haha. Next up painting wise will be Rasputina herself.

So should have an update in day or 2, hopefully I can shake off this accursed Flu/Cold/Virus soon


  1. He looks good the gloss varnish makes him look better IMO it makes him appear wet if you know what I mean top notch keep it up. BTW if your after some Zombie inspiration pop in and say hello


    Nice Ice Golem, he looks all wet and shiny.

    The base is pretty spiffing too, how'd do that?

  3. Sorry for the late reply guys

    @Brummie: Cheers dude, I'll have to check out that forum thanks for the link :)

    @Mr Feral: cheers mr, the base has cobblestones sculpted on in milliput. The snow is a mix of GW snow effect, sugar and PVA glue.

    The big Ice crystals are made from shaved down GW flying stands