Saturday, 23 April 2011

Necron Warriors and Zombie Apoc Question

Afternoon readers, update time again

First up in a sudden burst of 40k mojo I've managed to finish 2 more Necron warriors:

These guys have come out slightly better than the test model I put up a while back, mainly because the energy effect on the gauss flayers is far neater :) I've used some white weathering powder on the bottoms of their legs to make it look like there is some snow stuck to them. I'm reasonably pleased with the effect as I'm normally not much of a fan of weathering powders :P

For anyone interested the Recipe for the snow on their bases is:

  • GW snow flock/powder
  • PVA glue
  • a small amount of granulated sugar
  • Water
mix it all up and it will become like a lumpy paste, spread that on to the ares you want, leave to dry and the combination of sugar and PVA gives it a bit of a glistening effect :) 
I plan to work on the Necron squad in between projects doing 2 or 3 at a time. I think if I tried to batch paint them all in one go I'd soon get bored of doing the metallics.

This brings me to the question of this update, some of you will remember that Last year I posted up a modern zombie for a zombie apoc game that I had converted from the Mantic plastics, well today I decided to continue with that project but have hit something of a brick wall, mainly with the scale of them compared to hasslefree models:

Size comparison Left to Right: Hasslefree, mantic, converted Hasslefree

the mantic zombie even without being on a base is still as tall as the 2 hasslefree models, on a base its about 1 and a half heads taller than them, which to me just doesn't look right. Theres little point in spending ages converting each zombie when they are that out of scale :(

This has led me to question whether the project is worth continuing with and this is mainly down to cost. Theres a big list of Hasslefree models I would like to get as I am a big fan of their work add to this that for zombies I would like to use the brilliant studio miniatures ones and it all adds up to being quite expensive what with them all being metal models.

Although I intend to sell off most of my GW stuff which could fund it, but then it will be competing with Heavy Gear too if I decide to go for that :(

So my question is what do you guys think I should do?


  1. I do rather like those Necrons, both the snow and gauss effects are lovely. :)

    As for your Zombie dilemna, they are somewhat out of scale with Hasslefree models, but could you instead incorporate into a GW system somehow? How about Necromunda or Mordheim?

  2. Cheers sir, I'm pretty proud of the Necrons got another warrior and a scarab swarm ready to paint so they should appear soon :)

    The Mantic torsos to work fairly well with cadian and catachan legs would need a bit of GD to thicken them up around the waist/stomach though. Could make some plague zombies I guess

  3. Aye, do what you of course but they would be cool to add a little Undead spice to any Necromunda campaign. :p

  4. Your just trying to talk me into a scavvy gang ain't you :P

  5. Nooooooooooo?

    I am just full of great ideas. ;)

  6. Those Necrons are looking great!

  7. @Mister Feral: We shall see if your Idea is good, though I shall push back the zombie stuff for now I think :(

    @LuckyNo.5: Cheers sir :)