Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Dead Walk

Evening readers, been a while since i updated mainly because i wanted to finish painting the first 10 grave guard instead of posting up the odd 1 or 2 of them at a time :)

so here we go, the first 10 Grave guard ranked up and also with some close ups of individuals:

I'm really happy with these guys, sort of tried my best on them and think it has been worth it. Still got another 2 to paint then I shall be waiting for one of the guys off The Ammo Bunker to post me another 15 :D to make the unit up to 24/25 and any spare ones will be made into wight kings.

After seeing the new Warhammer starter set im considering getting the high elf prince on griffon as I think it might be a good base for a Vampire mounted on an abyssal Terror :D

Well thats it for now folks, working on some zombies and the SoTR light mech at the moment so there shouldn't be such a gap between updates :)


  1. Ah lovely, you've got a couple of ranks painted up now. :)

    The unit as a whole and the individual models are looking fab, especially the banner.

  2. Cheers good sir :)

    I'm pretty proud of the banner was a nice challenge to paint :)

  3. Great work Si, they all look very nice togeather as a unit so far.
    Rather nifty looking banner too ;)